Chencho  Dema | Punakha

The Wangdue Police have forwarded a suspected murder case of a 34-year-old individual to the Office of the Attorney General on May 17, marking a significant development in the ongoing inquiry.

The 25-year-old suspect, who hails from Sephu in Wangdue, was arrested and detained on April 3. However, on May 10, the Wangdue court granted the suspect bail, adding a new layer of complexity to the case.

The suspect has been charged with involuntary manslaughter by the police, a felony of the fourth degree according to the Penal Code of Bhutan. If convicted, the suspect could face a prison sentence ranging from three to five years.

According to the Officer in Charge (OC), Wangdue, the suspect is believed to be the main perpetrator and acted alone in the alleged murder which took place on the evening of February 8. The investigation has ruled out the involvement of another individual who was initially arrested in connection with the case.

On the night of the incident, the victim, accompanied by three friends, visited a local bar in one of the shops at Chazam. While the victim opted to ride in a friend’s car, the remaining two friends departed separately.

As fate would have it, the suspect, returning home from Chazam after a shopping trip, encountered the intoxicated victim standing in the middle of the road, obstructing his path. Given their shared village origins, the suspect and the victim were acquainted with one another.

An altercation ensued between the two, culminating in a fatal confrontation. Police later discovered a patang (sword) at the crime scene, believed to be the weapon used to inflict the wounds that led to the victim’s demise.

The victim’s injuries included wounds between his thumb and index finger, bruises on his knee, and various injuries to his forehead, indicating the intensity of the encounter.

Acting on a tip from an informant, the police detained the suspect on April 3, marking a crucial breakthrough in the investigation. Subsequently, the friend who had given the victim a ride was also detained the following day, as he was identified as the last person seen with the deceased.

While the victim was engaged in farming, the suspect’s occupation is that of a carpenter, highlighting the diverse backgrounds of the individuals involved.

 As the Office of the Attorney General assumes the case, the legal process will unfold, shedding further light on the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident that has shaken the community of Wangdue.