LG: Local leaders in Wangdue have proposed that the dzongkhag appeal to the government to retain the post of geydrung during the dzongkhag tshogdue, last week.

The issue was raised by local leaders of Athang, Rubesa and Nahi gewogs and was supported by gups and mangmis of 15 gewogs in Wangdue.

The concerns arose following the Royal Civil Service Commission’s (RCSC) recommendation to the home ministry about phasing out the post of geydrung, earlier last month.

While the ministry is yet to make a decision, local leaders said it is time for all gewogs which support retaining the geydrung post to come together and appeal against RCSC’s recommendation.

“For the gewog of a large population and size like Rubesa, it would be of immense difficulty to make the gewog administration function without a geydrung,”

Rubesa gup, Gyeltshen,   said. He also pointed out that the post is included in the local government Act.

It was highlighted that it is a challenge for mangmis and geydrungs to resolve local disputes and problems that gewog offices face on an almost daily basis. This is apart from the meetings and official visits officials from the gewog have to make to the dzongkhag, head offices in Thimphu or regional offices, local leaders said.

They said geydrungs play a vital role in making the gewog administration function and are mostly engaged in land issues but also assist in dispute settlements.

Nyisho gup, Tshering, who was in favour of such a proposal, also raised concerns about the government taking such a decision. He said that gewog offices are always busy with thram issues and census application forms. If the geydrungs are phased out it would be an impediment to providing services at the gewog office, he said.

Some local leaders also pointed out that while gups mostly remain busy and outside the gewog with official works, and mangmis and tshogpas are usually occupied with settling disputes and helping people, geydrungs are always there to keep the gewog office functioning alongside the gewog administration.

Several gups said that gewog offices have a heavy workload but limited human resources, and phasing out the post of geydrung would mean compromising the work quality.

Some even said while the geydrungs are mostly employed on contract, which is renewed after a certain number of years, it is time for the government to consider making the post a permanent one.

Dawa Gyelmo | Wangdue