… in an attempt to make it efficient 

Sherab Lhamo

Two private companies will take over the waste collection in Thimphu thromde and the adjacent areas that fall under Thimphu dzongkhag beginning today. 

The entire area is divided into north and south zones: Greener Way will collect from North, and Green Bhutan Services will cater to the areas under the south zone.  

People in the thromde and peri-urban areas can look forward to improved services as the new contract mandates an increase in the frequency of waste collection of four times a week, relieving residents of the burden of arranging their own waste disposals.

Waste collection will be done four times a week, two times each for dry and wet in all zones, except Norzin Lam and Chang Lam areas. In these areas, it will be five times a week – three times for dry and two times for wet. 

A thromde official said that previously residents had to pay Nu 300 a month, now the residents have to pay approximately Nu 100 a month.

With the implementation of Performance Based Payment, the service provider will be remunerated based on their monthly performance ratings. Failure to meet the minimum service requirements could result in fee reduction or cancellation of service contracts if improvements were not made.

Waste at the drop-off centres will be collected once a week or whenever the facility reaches its capacity to prevent overflowing and maintain a clean environment.

For the service to be effectively implemented, thromde urges residents to provide performance experience feedback and genuine problems related to ineffectiveness through their toll-free numbers: 1009 (Thromde) and 17784416 (dzongkhag).

The revised schedule and timing for the waste collection of respective areas are available on thromde’s website and are posted on its social media platforms.