Nima Wangdi and Kelzang Wangchuk

Water Male Tiger Year: The Water Male Tiger year will continue with the threat of diseases like the past year. The astrologers at Pangrizampa College of Astrology in Thimphu say the country’s economic condition would also be moderate.

However, the tiger would treat elderly people and animals better and cause them fewer diseases. The year is said to be unfavourable for young people and bad for children according to Buddhist astrology.  

Of the four life forces (Jungwa Zhi), threats of fire and water are predicted to be higher bringing uneven rainfall causing flood and drought in different parts of the country. According to the prediction, crop destruction by rain, hailstone and wild animals would also be more. 

Lopen Kunzang Chophel of the college said that it would be a good year to give birth to children and better for male babies as it is a male year.

The second and eighth months of the lunar calendar are Dhanag (inauspicious months), which is not good to pursue important tasks such as starting new businesses, celebrate births, consecrate houses, starting house constructions and marry.

If these tasks and events become unavoidable, people are advised to perform a cleansing ritual (Dripchoe).

Lopon Kunzang Chophel said, all those born in a tiger year should avoid visiting sick people, tilling land, fights, new births, funerals, marriage ceremonies and venturing on a long journey. 

“Twelveth month of the lunar calendar is the best month for the male tiger and it is good to start or hold any important event during this month,”  Kunzang Chophel said.

He said that if those who are 24 years or born in the Earth Rabbit year and 48 years old (born Wood Rabit year) initiate any major task or event, it would bring fruitful completion. 

The year is bad, especially for those who fall in the Thuensum and Dhuenzur categories. People falling under these categories are urged to avoid holding any important task.

“Tiger, horse and dog are Thuensum and monkey is Dhuenzur,” prediction.

Those born in Tiger, Horse, and Dog are advised to avoid roofing houses, funerals and, tshachu and menchu (hot spring). They should also avoid any important tasks according to the prediction.

To ward off misfortune and bring a better future, it is advised to recite holy scriptures, recite Jigten Wangchuk, Mani and Baza Guru and appease local deities.