The Leader of the Opposition Party receiving an orange scarf is in itself a call for unity in the aftermath the elections, most Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) supporters say.

The leader of the Opposition, Pema Gyamtsho (PhD) said he is deeply humbled and overwhelmed by the trust and confidence His Majesty has placed on him and the Opposition Party. He extended his gratitude to all the supporters, coordinators and candidates for putting their trust and confidence on him.

“The conferring of the Dakyen is a manifestation of His Majesty’s infinite wisdom and benevolence,” he said.

However, he said the responsibility ahead is grave and that he is confident the members of the Opposition will live up to the people’s expectation. “We solemnly pledge to serve the Tsawa-Sum with renewed dedication and commitment,” he said.

While the responsibility is huge, he said he is committed to build peace and unity and in the country. He added that the Opposition would fully support the government in fulfilling its mandate to serve the Tsawa-Sum with utmost dedication. But the party, he said, will also emerge as the strongest opposition in keeping with Constitutional mandate.

He said he spent his entire campaign period focusing on sovereignty, economic prosperity and harmony.

He explained that the Throne is the life force that keeps the nation together and that it is not only the responsibility and mandate of the government and Opposition but of every citizen to safeguard the country’s sovereignty. “We must collectively work to strengthen the country’s sovereignty more than ever,” he said.

Economic prosperity, he said is the need of the hour. “Self-reliance is the only way to achieve economic prosperity,” he said. While it is the DPT’s pledge to achieve self-reliance, he said that the Opposition is willing to work with the government in its task to achieve self-reliance.

As much as it is the government’s wish, Pema Gyamtsho said that the Opposition would also take the responsibility to promote peace, harmony and unity. “On our part, we will ensure politics will not divide the country,” he said.


Tshering Dorji