Dechen Dolkar

Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) won 17 constituencies, 16 from east and one from central, which the party will stand as opposition for the fourth government.

BTP won from Nubi-Tangsibji constituency from Trongsa, five constituencies from Trashigang, three each constituency from Pemagatshel and Mongar, both constituencies from Trashiyangtse and Dewathang-Gomdar constituency in Samdrupjongkhar.

However, the party’s two vice-presidents and candidates from Kabisa-Talog, Tshering Dorji, and Bongo-Chapcha, Pema Tenzin, lost to PDP in both primary and the general elections.

According to the BTP President Pema chewang, it is politics and one has to win and the other has to lose. BTP had expected to win at least 32 seats.

“Nothing is certain that the party will win a constituency though some of the expected constituencies couldn’t win but the party respects the voters’ choice,” the president said.

However, the president said that the party wants to ensure that they form a strong opposition in the parliament and keep a footprint for the future as strong opposition.

He said that all the strong and capable candidates were elected. “All the elected candidates have experience of more than 25 years in civil service,” he said.

The president said that with a strong opposition, it will be a vibrant democracy with proper checks and balances.

The president said that they have made a landslide victory in the east.

Bhutan Tendrel Party, the newest party to contest in the parliamentary elections 2023-24, emerged as the second highest number of votes in the primary elections to contest against People’s Democratic Party vying for the opportunity to form the government.