For expectant mothers, the Male Earth Dog Year is indeed special. It is Mewa Gumar, which according to Buddhist belief is considered lucky – prosperity will come to the family with the birth of a child.

Children born this year will possess good conduct and high moral standards, according to the datho (Buddhist astrological calendar). Mewa is constellation or relative positions of the stars.

The concept of mewa originated in Chinese Fengshui culture of reading the cosmic energies. In this system, according to Karma Phuntsho (PhD), there are nine energies that are represented by the numerical figures 1-9, just like the eight forces represented by the eight trigrams called bagua, called parkha in Dzongkha.

When the nine numbers are laid out on the back of a tortoise, as shown in Chinese Loshu square, they add up to 15, whichever way one adds them.

The nine numbers are individually allocated to each year and combined with the eight trigrams, twelve animal signs and other astrological features to foretell the power of the year for every person.

The Male Earth Dog Year is associated with the nine, which is red and is associated with fire element. The number, as the highest single digit and the element fire, are associated with fame, reputation, and success.

Karma Phuntsho said that people born with this energy, gumar or nine red fire, are believed to be good at developing new ideas and initiating fresh activities. “They are said to be charismatic and outgoing although like fire their temperament can change quickly. A person with mewa gumar may be very successful in public relations and sales positions.”

Since this Dog Year is a Male, it is categorically special for a male child. This is according to astrologer Kunzang Chophel of Pangrizampa College of Astrology in Thimphu.

The Male Earth Dog Year is also good for conducting wealth accumulation rituals at home.

In general, the people and animals will enjoy good health. Horticulture and cereal production will prosper. The year is auspicious for eight-year-olds (both male and female) born in the year of Iron Rabbit and 32-year-old (male) of Fire Rabbit year. These two ages could launch important projects like conducting groundbreaking ceremonies and other auspicious events.

All these are the good things that the Male Earth Dog Year is expected to bring. There are not-so-good things that we should be aware of and prepare for.

The Male Earth Dog Year could bring major fire incidents and windstorms.

Kunzang Chophel said holy scriptures should be read to avert such disasters. Offerings must be made to the deities of the four natural elements. Besides prayers for Guru Rinpoche and Zhabdrung, Jana Chidoe must be conducted.

Young people could face the greatest of the challenges. As if they have none yet. Astrological readings recommend conducting purification and incense burning ceremonies, feast offering and recitation of Jigten Wangchuk prayer.

The year is inauspicious for people born in the Dog year (ages 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73, and 85).

People born in the Dog Year are advised to avoid long journey, visits to construction sites, baby showers, deaths and marriage parties, among others.

Those born in the year of Dragon are not compatible (duenzur) with the Dog and should avoid starting important ventures and initiatives.

People born in the year of the Tiger and Horse are compatible (thuensum) with the Dog. The year is inauspicious for them all and the datho has this to say: they should avoid long journey, new ventures, visiting and soaking in hot springs and herbal bath.

The fourth month (May 16 to June 13), 10th month (November 8 to December 7), and 11th month (December 8 to January 5) of the Dog Year are considered dhana or inauspicious months.

The eighth month of the Dog year is considered dazang or auspicious month.

Rinzin Wangchuk