As they had voted in the primary round, the people of Tashiyangtse chose Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) over Druk Nyumrup Tshogpa (DNT) in the general elections. 

DPT secured 56.3 percent of the total votes cast through the electronic voting machine (EVM) and postal ballots in both the constituencies.  In Bomdeling_ Jamkhar constituency, former Member of Parliament, Dubthop secured another term in parliament securing 831 votes more than DNT’s candidate, former RCSC commissioner Sangay Dorji. 

The difference in votes on the electronic voting machine (EVM) was not as much as in postal ballots, with Dupthop winning 1,693 EVM votes against Sangay Dorji’s 1,312 votes. 

Among the four gewogs in Bomdeling_Jamkhar constituency, Sangay Dorji secured the maximum EVM votes in Yangtse and Jamkhar gewogs. Dubthob won more votes from the other two gewogs in Bomdeling and Tomzhang.  

Bomdeling and Tomzhang is a DPT stronghold with people openly saying they prefer DPT. From a total of 4,708 eligible voters from these two gewogs, DPT secured 1,069 EVM votes against DPT’s 487votes. 

In primary round, DPT secured 43.9 percent of the votes in Bomdeling _Jamkar constituency and DNT secured 23.9 percent.  But in the general election, DNT won 43.3 percent in this constituency, an increase by 19 percent from the primary round. DPT secured 56.64 percent in general election.

A Bomdeling resident said people chose the DPT candidate because of his 10 years experience as Member of Parliament and his pledges for the constituency. 

Thinley Dhendrup, 60, said that in order to have new developments in the constituency it is better to give an opportunity to a new candidate and new government. “But in the end, it is people’s choice.”

Another resident, Tshering Choden, 25, from Bomdeling said that both candidates are capable of representing them in parliament. ‘‘But DPT candidate is more familiar to the people’’ she said. 

Khamdang_Ramjar constituency voted for DPT in 2008 and PDP, in 2013.

This time, the people of Khamdang_Ramjar again went for change. 

DPT secured 1,869 votes and DNT 1,551 votes on the EVM.

In Khamdang, DPT secured 777 votes and DNT 442.  Toetsho and Yallang gewog voted for DPT while DNT won in Ramjar gewog.

During the primary round, DPT secured 44.4 percent of the votes in Khamdang_Ramjar constituency and DNT secured 27 percent.  But in the general election, DNT won 43 percent in this constituency, an increase by 13 percent from the primary round. DPT secured 56 percent in general election. 

DPT candidate Kuenga Loday secured 1,869 EVM votes and DNT candidate Karma Gyeltshen, 1,551 votes. The 463 votes from postal ballots made the difference to the candidates. 

Residents of Koncholing said they chose the best candidate through the pledges made during common forum and the candidates’ capability. 

Wangda la, 40, from Khamdang said the DPT candidate is simple and capable.  ‘‘Most people chose the DPT candidate, because people prefer a candidate from their gewog.” Khamdang has 3,111 eligible voters. 

Another resident said that whichever party forms the government, it is the people’s government. While most have returned to harvest paddy, those who were following the election results on television in Yangtse town said, “we will wait for their promises.’’

Neten Dorji | Koncholing