Energy: Works on the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Druk Bindu Hydroelectric Power Project (DBHPP) in Tendu, Samtse kick-started on June 15. Druk Green Power Corporation  (DGPC) is implementing the task.

The Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) initially carried out the pre-feasibility studies and had suggested a capacity of 12 megawatts (MW) hydropower from the Bindu river in Tendu. DGPC is currently preparing the detailed report for about 18 to 20 MW.

During the DPR, DGPC officials in the head office said the project layout has been optimised as compared to earlier studies by considering the full potential until the border. The hydrological study has also been carried out based on additional data available since the feasibility study conducted by BPC.

At the moment, a contractor has been identified for the drilling works.

“This drilling is done to identify the quality of the rocks inside the soil,” the official said, adding that samples would be collected. “These samples will be sent for testing in Thimphu.”

The contractor, meanwhile, has been given about 87 days to complete all five drilling works. The DPR is scheduled to conclude in December this year.

DGPC officials also said that the topographical survey of the project has been completed and the other geological investigation works were under progress.

DBHPP is one of the hydroelectric power projects in the country that Bhutanese investors can take up. The cost of the project will be determined only once the scope of the project is finalised, DGPC officials said.

“Tender for the project can be floated only after investment is approved by the board and the government,” the project manager Karma Tshering said. “During construction phase the local communities would benefit with business opportunities.”

The estimated annual energy production of about 82GWh can assist domestic energy security if consumed within the country and earn rupee if exported to India.

The project shall also enhance domestic competencies in investigation, design, engineering, and construction, DGPC officials said.

Rajesh Rai | Tendu