Connectivity: Construction works to complete the Singye river bridge in Pasakha has resumed, two years after it was suspended for want of a “proof check.”

Reinforcement activities began since last month. Executed by DANTAK, construction works initially started in January 2007. Although it was scheduled to complete in a year’s time, the works continued before it was stopped two years ago.

Earlier, DANTAK officials had said the construction was halted because they were waiting for a “proof check” of the portion that was already executed. This proof check had to be completed because, they said there were unexpected flash floods during the execution works on the bridge.

It was also learnt that the contractor, an Indian firm, M/s Lakhanpal Fabricators of Jammu, had faced financial problems and left the works unattended.

Meanwhile, DANTAK officials said that at present about 80 percent of the reinforcement work was completed.

“We are anticipating the work to complete by March next year,” a DANTAK representative in Phuentsholing said.

After the reinforcement and binding works are done, the representative also mentioned that concreting works on the bridge would start simultaneously with the reinforcement works.

More than 80 percent of the overall construction works have been completed. The bridge after construction would benefit more than 300 households in three villages of Rangaytung, Dhungana, and Pakchina in Sampheling.

Although an old bailey bridge, just besides the incomplete bridge is operational, people say they would want to see a new and safe bridge.

The 55-metre “through type” bridge is constructed with steel truss super structure on open foundation. It also connects the bypass road that vehicles ply when the Phuentsholing-Thimphu highway is closed due to roadblocks.

The government of India is funding Nu 39.41 million for the bridge.

By Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing