I’m an office goer and like all the office goers I don’t have much time in my hands to hit the gym. Is there any simple exercises that I can do in my cubicle to burn some extra calories without bothering my co-workers? What are the best food to eat to keep one’s body fit and healthy? 

Tandin, Thimphu

Hi Tandin,

Don’t be “like all office goers”. Do what others won’t, challenge yourself because when you succeed, you will experience unimaginable amount of pleasure and confidence.

Personally I would discourage anybody to exercise in their cubicle, it’s too congested and unprofessional, I would permit it only under medical conditions, where at times an individual must stretch to relax and relieve pain and stress.

If you have time to spend online socialising or watching television, you have all the time in the world for exercise!

Waiting for all things to perfectly align for you is a futile expectation.

My advice to people with limited time and are currently failing to make time for exercise.

Tip of the week:

“Embrace consistent exercise and sound nutrition or face the wrath of an imminent failing health”

1. Wake up!  

Almost every successful individual you and I know ‘make‘ time for workout by ‘prioritising‘.

Even his holiness the Dalai Lama preaches “a healthy body, a healthy mind”.

Trust me when I say your health should be on top of your priority list, without health there is nothing you can do optimally, poor health will gradually and definitely squeeze the joy out of everything you value.

2. Walk: 

At the least one can always walk, walk to and from work, don’t let walking fool you, walking is the most underrated exercise, it is capable of burning many calories, walking prioritises stored body fat as fuel when given the right ambiance.

Meaning you lose weight from the right places!

3. Access to exercise has no limitations anymore: 

With the advent of Internet and the growth of fitness, nobody should have any reason nor excuse to justify not exercising.

One can exercise at home, by doing body weight exercise and stretches, yoga, you can watch videos online and follow, you can buy DVD like aerobics, you can buy cheap and simple tools like bands and weights to do resistance based exercise, you can also join the government gym if you find the private gyms expensive.

4. No amount of exercise can make up for poor eating habits:

Nutrition is the core of our health, the food we ingest on a daily basis is going to directly dictate the outcome of our health and exercise.

The simplest way to go about correcting your nutrition, is to eat five small meals a day, and every meal should have as many components as possible, an ideal meal should have a small portion of protein (meat), carbohydrate (rice/fruit), healthy fat (nuts/olive oil), fibre (green vegetable) and plenty of water spread through out the course of any given day.

Having as many variety of food consumed will ensure you get every nutrient we need for optimal health, everything we need is present in nature!

Tshering Dorji (three times Mr Bhutan winner), is a certified fitness trainer and specialist in performance nutrition


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