Basketball: Young Guns are the youngest team to participate in the on-going B League basketball tournament in Thimphu. The team’s players are all 14 years and below.

Unlike the B League tournaments conducted in previous years, the competition this year saw maximum participation from new and young teams.

Tournament official, Lhendup, said that younger teams were allowed to play in the league this year on request of parents. “Such participation is encouraging. It shows that the popularity of the game is increasing…However, since they are very young and basketball is a contact-sport, injuries can happen.”

Lhendup added that since the federation could not bear the risk of injury,some of the teams were asked to get consent letters from the parents stating that if injuries occurred during the game, the organisers will not be held responsible.

Achos, the senior team that played the veteran tournament last year will also play in the league.

“The B league is a tournament where teams and players compete to qualify for the highest league level,” said Lhendup. He added that starting next year, there will be an age limit to register for the league. “Only 18 years and above would be allowed to participate in such competitions. However, separate tournaments for young kids will be organised where they can compete with mates of their age.”

In the first game yesterday, Invaders defeated Spartans 70-28 at the Swimming Pool Complex. Invaders dominated the whole game with their quick reflexes and strong defence.

In the women’s game, Majas defeated RTC 42-21.

Younten Tshedup