Nim Dorji | Trongsa

To strengthen the partnership between young people and local government authorities, 30 participants attended a three-day sensitisation workshop on youth engagement in the local development in Trongsa on September 30.

Trainers oriented local government officials on how to promote child-friendly local governance and promote youth’s participation in the local planning and budgeting processes.

This is the first time engaging the local government officials and young people to discuss young people’s engagement in the local development process.

Deputy Chief program officer, DYS Dorji Wangchuk said that the workshop was to sensitise the local government officials on the importance of youth’s engagement in community development and the decision-making process in local governance.

“They were able to discuss a range of issues affecting children, adolescents and youth,” he said.

The workshop organised by the Scouts and Culture Education Division, Department of Youth and Sports (DYS), Youth Development Fund and UNICEF. The participants included local government leaders, sector heads, student Y-VIA volunteer’s students and community-based scouts who took part in the workshop.   

Dorji Wangchuk said that for the young people, it was more of capacity building to enhance their skills and competencies for meaningful participation in the local development process. An action plan was developed.

A member of community-based scout, Thukten Melam Zangmo said that until now the youths didn’t realise the importance of participating in the local governance. “I’m now convinced to be a part of LG hereafter.”

A third-year student of College of Language and Culture Studies in Taktse, Trongsa, Dorji Wangchuk said that he used to attend meetings in the village during his vacation representing his parents. “We should take part in decision making with elders for inclusive community development.”

Drakteng Gewog Mangmi Karma Dorji said, “Now we’ll focus to involve youths as we learned how important is to let youths take part in the local government process.”

A UNICEF Bhutan official, Jigme Dorji said that similar workshops would be conducted in other dzongkhags. Lhuentse dzongkhag will host a similar workshop this month.

Edited by Tshering Palden