Agri ministry to study Paro’s irrigation channel dispute

The PM also reiterated that BOiC is not illegal 

Visit: The long-standing dispute over the repair and maintenance of the 5.5 km irrigation channel in Doteng gewog that also caters to two nearby gewogs of Dop Shari and Hoongrel in Paro could now be settled.

Yebilaptsa incident is disheartening, says education minister

While reporting that the accused was a ‘very capable teacher,’ Lyonpo said initiatives are being taken to address psychological stressors in the sector 

Q&A: The assistant principal of Yebilaptsa Middle Secondary School, who strangled a 13-year old girl to death on October 16, was a capable teacher, the education minister, Mingbo Dukpa said.

22 smokers caught smoking in public places

Tobacco: Twenty-two people were fined for smoking in public areas in Thimphu when the Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency (BNCA) was on its second round of inspection on November 28.

Suspension of milk collection affects dairy farmers

Livelihood:  There is milk in excess in Trashigang. With production at the Koufuku International Pvt Ltd (KIPL) dairy processing plant suspended for about a month, few dairy groups in Trashigang are struggling to market their milk.

Ban not the best solution

Sreet vendors have appealed to the Prime Minister after authorities banned them from selling food at night on the streets. The police have attributed rising crime with the availability of late night street food. They argue that street food is encouraging people to stay out longer and providing the fuel for people to commit crime.

Mandarin business sours in Panbang

Citrus greening and climate change are attributed for causing production to decline 

Cash crop: Although production has been declining over the last seven years, Mandarin growers of Panbang in Zhemgang fear the worst harvest would occur this year.

Not ratifying EIB agreement will be a big loss

... Says Chairperson of the Foreign Relations Committee 

Parliament: The failure to ratify the European Investment Bank (EIB) framework agreement would mean missing out on an opportunity and even embarrassment for Bhutan, according to the chairperson of the National Assembly’s Foreign Relations Committee, Rinzin Dorji.

Bhutan better off with the current daily tourist tariff Part II

Tourist arrivals in eastern and southern Bhutan are dismal at the moment, and we need to work on changing that. But they have more to do with accessibility and less with the daily tariff.

Crossroad: A romance without the soapy drama

Review: Crossroad, Karma Sangay's new movie, is a story of an individual struggle that is also a portrayal of modern times. Spun around the themes of friendship, love, revenge, child abuse and sacrifice, the romantic thriller puts you at the edge of your seat.

Breaking the taboo and facing the challenge

MAIN STORY: Dark clouds hang in the cold evening sky. It could rain any minute. Outside, it is very cold. In her cozy little room in Babesa, Thimphu Sonam (name changed) is sitting in front of an electric heater, engrossed deep in thoughts. She looks withdrawn, sad and worried about something that is eating into her life. She doesn’t talk much.

To reflect on the purpose of life

YOUTH IN FOCUS: My parents are fighting with my aunts and uncles over my late-grandparent’s land. I used to be really close with my cousins, but now I feel shy to talk with them. Even my parents are stressed out by the whole matter and are always talking about court cases and they seem angry all the time. Nobody really cared about the land before, but as it is near a proposed development the value has increased. I feel the happiness has gone from our home.  I don’t know what my question is, but I just feel like sharing this with someone. Sad, Thimphu

Focus point