Nu 55M for hospitality and entertainment?

Former cabinet ministers, National Assembly Speaker, National…

The economics of waste

The country’s economy is not only vulnerable to shocks but…

The trashy issue

Waste is not a problem in Bhutan. Its management is. The revival…
A new problem: Farmers are seeing waste in their fields

Waste encroaching agriculture land

Fresh and cool, it begins from the foothills of Dochula, the…
Kezang Norbu

Four decades in trash business

In 1976, Kezang Norbu took a decision that his friends that time…

Plastic ban confusing people, says minister 

While the ban on the plastic carry bags, doma wrappers, and ice…

Demystifying Community Information Centres

Introduction Our policy-makers are in a state of confusion…

Waste in the name of religion?

The year of the Pig is not good for Ugyen. The astrologer asked…
Dustbin free campus of CMSS

A school without dustbins

When it comes to waste, what comes to Changangkha Middle Secondary…
Scraps at the junkyard in Olakha

“We are the sweepers of Thimphu city”

Secluded by a long line of bamboo fencing below the Olakha bridge…

Whence the waste problem?

Picture this: The year is 2027. Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital and…

Medical waste on the rise

It is 8am. Krishna Kumar Gurung switches on the geyser connected…