Erratic orthodontic services irk patients

Some have wasted money on treatment they have had to discontinue because of erratic orthodontic services

Medical: Sonam Peldon, a resident of Thimphu who paid Nu 30,000 to have braces fitted on her teeth at the referral hospital last year has to have her teeth checked by an orthodontist every month.

True state of our fourth estate

At a meeting of media officials yesterday, funding newspapers to cover the up coming local government elections sounded a priority in the next few months. It is a nice gesture. Elections are important, local or parliamentary, and reporters have to be in the field.

Three remote gewogs to receive electricity, community centres

ICT: In what should provide easier access to public services for some of Bhutan's remotest communities, the gewogs of Laya, Lingzhi and Soe in Thimphu are expected to be connected with electricity by next year.

Upland rice: A perfect solution for farmers of Taraythang

Agriculture: Heavy rainfall in the past two days has given hope for the famers of Taraythang Gewog in  Gelephu. The upland paddy growers are feeling optimistic about this year’s yield.

Chukha dzongkhag tshogdu endorses two quarries

Mining: A quarry each in Chapcha and Darla were given the green signal during the Chukha dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) yesterday.

The dzongkhag administration had presented the projects at the tshogdu for endorsement.

The end for BOiC?

More than half of its employees have left, CEO tenders resignation

BOiC: The curtain may finally be falling on the controversial government initiative, the Business Opportunity and Information Centre (BOiC).

HFMD: Ministry urges schools to take precautionary measures

Health: The Department of School Education has asked schools in the country to create awareness on hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) and to institute a proper mechanism for prevention and early detection of symptoms.