Producer inflation up by 2.53 percent

PPI: From a deflationary trend in the second quarter of the year, the price of goods and services, from producers’ perspective, has increased by 2.53 percent in the third quarter.

Procurement eats Nu 18.2B annually

GPP: The government and state-owned enterprises together has spent...

BNB on B-Wallet

Transaction: B-Mobile users who also maintain account with the...

Mandarin business sours in Panbang

Citrus greening and climate change are attributed for causing production to...

Access to finance, labour and tax regulations hinders growth: WB survey

Survey: Access to finance, tax administration and labour regulations...

Thimphu goes cashless at two shopping malls

Banking: People in Thimphu can now perform cashless transactions...

Farm shops erratic supply irk farmers

FCB will add more supply vehicles to increase frequency of deliveries

Apple export earnings drop almost threefold

Business:  Earnings from apple export this year dropped almost...

Four JV projects to raise Nu 140B loan

The project authorities would be exploring the Indian financial market

Farmers upset with poor potato prices

A bumper harvest in India is attributed for the drastic drop...

Duty free shop corporatized

Goods sold to public without quota to still include tax 

Farmers’ group try onion cultivation for the third time

Cooperatives: It might sound like counting the chickens before the eggs...

GDP reaches Nu 119.5B

The tertiary sector is the highest contributor to GDP  

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