Airborne coronavirus: What does it mean? 

There is more evidence emerging that indicates the novel coronavirus could possibly be airborne. 

Teachers distribute SIM to remote schools

Boots deep into slushy mud and fighting off leeches, teachers of Thimyul Lower Secondary School in Gangzur, Lhuentse walk the long and treacherous paths to reach Self-Instructional Materials (SIM) to the students.

3,386 vehicles imported during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic battered the economy, affected businesses and livelihoods to the extent that people applied for the Royal Kidu. However, if the number of vehicles bought during the pandemic is anything to go by, there is a huge group that are not at all affected.

KOICA contributes medical supplies for Covid-19 response

Extending support to Bhutan to address the Covid-19 pandemic, the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Bhutan World Friends Programme Office in Thimphu handed over 350 Oxygen D-Type cylinders worth USD 50,000 to the ministry of health (MoH).