KUENSEL – Representing the variety of human nature as diverse as the 12 animals of the Bhutanese horoscope, the Kuensel team comes from every corner of the kingdom to serve the people.

Together we produce the national newspaper, offer a range of quality media services, and run Bhutan’s largest printing house.

We are committed to nation-building.

The Mission: That the people shall be informed

The Vision: To be a leading media of choice

The story of Kuensel

As the pioneer of the Bhutanese media the birth of Kuensel was a part of Bhutan’s evolution. When we brought to life a profound vision of planned development five decades ago we built roads and bridges, we built schools and hospitals, we created a modern history.

And we started Kuensel.

Over the decades Kuensel has grown with Bhutan. We have presented Bhutan’s image to the world and, more important, Kuensel has been a mirror for Bhutan to look at itself. We are not just reflecting events but influencing and being a part of the change.

The kingdom of Bhutan is now poised to enter another new era of its history. Kuensel’s role, as history comes alive, has become more important than ever. Democracy is not complete without a professional media.

News & Editorial

Gross National Happiness is not a promise to make people happy. It is a mandate to serve the people.

For Kuensel it means establishing values and setting standards. Our aim is to do this with professionalism. This means not just reporting stories but reflecting on them and writing our stories with, not just objectivity, but with sensitivity.

GNH means public service, which means going out to the remote corners of the country where we subsidise distribution, not profit from it. In our efforts to inform, to educate, and to entertain we reach people in every corner of the country in their homes, on their terms.

Ultimately happiness lies within the self. The Bhutanese people have to make the right decisions to find happiness. To make the right decisions they need the right information.


Some people think that advertising is just about making money. Unfortunately they are right, most of the time.

But for Kuensel advertising means offering choices, the right choices. It means that our advertisements represent the sensitivity that is critical in a vulnerable society. Our clients appreciate and support this important social responsibility.

Kuensel is a Bhutanese experience, reaching the farthest corners of the kingdom. It is inevitable reading for decision makers, bureaucrats, armed personnel, private entrepreneurs, and students. In other words, we reach every educated Bhutanese.

Kuensel’s special advantage is that our readers receive the national newspaper six days a week in the language of their choice. Therefore, when our clients have a quality product, our readers will know about it.

Printing – we do it at home

Bhutan is building a printing industry. With the thrust on private sector development, generation of employment, and an emerging boom in the media sector, printing carries a promise for the future.

The kingdom’s largest printing house, Kuensel Corporation limited has always spearheaded the development of the Bhutanese printing industry. And now Kuensel has entered a new era of quality printing.

We offer the entire range of services, from pre-press to post production, using the latest technology. We also guarantee security printing.

The Kuensel system is environmentally friendly and we dispose all our waste according to known standards so that we remain in harmony with nature.

Design can be taken beyond art. Kuensel is ready to merge centuries of Bhutan’s art tradition with modern concepts in aesthetic design.

With the latest equipment and software we like to see creativity blossom in the process.

We are open to demands and suggestions and offer design services at reasonable rates, all done in your presence.

Kuenselonline – Bhutan’s first website

Kuensel went online before even Bhutan, when we established our online edition in 1997 and placed Bhutan on the digital map.

Visit Kuenselonline for instant news on Bhutan and to take part in the most vibrant discussion forum. We welcome all views on all topics but request participants to refrain from personal attacks and libelous comments.

Kuenselonline now offers animated advertisements.


Kuensel has been documenting Bhutan since the 1960s. Moving from the box camera to black and white photography and now to the digital age, our archives hold the largest variety of images on Bhutan, covering the longest time span.

Today we offer commercial photographic services including enlargement to your specifications.


All Bhutanese people share one experience six days a week: Kuensel.

Distributed through a comprehensive network of agents around the country, Kuensel reaches its readers on the day of publication. Deliveries that took weeks have been reduced to hours with the establishment of a printing house in eastern Bhutan.

Today Kuensel has a growing electronic subscription outside in the PDF format.

Archives – browsing through history

Reading Kuensel is to know. Reading Kuensel’s archives is to learn.

Kuensel’s library houses the largest archives on Bhutan. This is all available now in a digital format for both text and pictures.

Give your understanding of Bhutan and your research more depth.

Publication – gaining literary depth

Kuensel is drawing on Bhutanese talent to build literature in both Dzongkha and English. Aspiring writers are invited to seek cooperation and funding from Kuensel to publish books on any topic relevant to Bhutan.

Kuensel provides quality writing and translation services in Dzongkha for books and periodicals, regulations and laws, speeches and reports, in fact everything that is written. Translation, editing, and proof reading is provided at special rates for all printing work done with us.

If you want to impress people with the quality of your Dzongkha tell them it was done by Kuensel.

Kanglung – going nation-wide

Kuensel is playing an important role in bringing eastern Bhutan into the mainstream of development and making the national policy of decentralisation a reality.

The Kuensel bureaus in the east covers the six dzongkhags so that readers around the country share all events in the country as a national experience. The distribution of the national newspaper to all the dzongkhags on the same day strengthens the concept of nationhood.

The printing services offered by Kuensel ensures that the eastern region can do their printing at home. The Kuensel office, located in Kanglung, offers a range of services for all sections of the region’s population.

Stationery – One Stop Solution

Kuensel deals in quality stationery both for offices & schools.

It is surprising to know that Kuensel stationery are found to be cheaper than the bordering Indian towns.