Quick tips for domestic violence victims to seek help 

If an individual is at risk for violence, he or she should identify a trustworthy neighbour, friend, family or shelter to go to.

Neighbours should report with RENEW about domestic violence case in the vicinity.

Develop a code with a trusted neighbour so that they can intervene during an emergency.

One should always keep essential items such as mobile, identification documents, medicines, and telephone numbers in case of an emergency.

Any domestic violence victim can call 1010 or CBSS focal persons immediately.


The following contact numbers any time of the day, for any domestic violence, child protection issues or counselling needs.
The offices of NCWC and other stakeholders remain closed due to the lockdown.
National Commission for Women and Children – NCWC, Bhutan
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Thimphu Thromde says shops in the area of India House, Hejo, Samtenling, Bebena and Dechenchholing will remain close.
Other shops that were selected through lucky dip and those shopkeepers who tested negative for Covid-19 can open shops immediately.
19 new cases detected since 6pm last night.
Eight are male and eleven are female ranging from 15-54 years old.
– One is a close contact detected in Bumthang
– One is also a close contact detected in Wangdue Phodrang
– Seventeen are detected in Thimphu (six are from the community screening, six are close contacts and 5 are from the flu clinic)
Meanwhile, three people are declared recovered.
December 23, 2020
Thimphu Thromde notified that shops would not open today since all shopkeepers are undergoing Covid-19 testing.
Results will be informed as soon as it is declared by Royal Centre for Disease Control.
Shops in the respective zones would be opened after completion of tests.
Note change in timing for Movement Cards for Thimphu:
Morning 9-11,
Afternoon 12-2,
Evening 3-5.
Officials say due to testing of shopkeepers, shops may not be open today.
Samdrupjongkhar dzongkhag Covid-19 taskforce will implement the lockdown from 12pm today. However, the zoning system would implement from tomorrow.
People stranded at various places in the dzongkhag are asked to return before 12pm.
All school, institutions, offices and shops would remain closed during the lockdown.
All essential items would be delivered to the containment areas such as RBP, RBA, schools, dratshang, project DANTAK and IMTRAT by the identified shops.
Movement of individuals would be facilitated in one person one card system in the specific time and places while one designated shops within the zones and essential services would be available as per the zone cards.
Ongoing constructions would be allowed in self-containment and import and export would be facilitated as usual as per existing Covid-19 SoP.
December 22, 2020
Paro dzongkhag lockdown
The Dzongkhag Covid-19 taskforce has declared that Paro will be under lockdown with immediate effect.
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December 21, 2020
Paro dzongkhag taskforce issued a notification temporarily stopping all entertainment and sports events, reduce travel, use fewer monks for religious ceremonies, and flu vaccination activities from today.
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21 new cases detected over the last 24 hours including seven from yesterday.
Ten are female and 11 are male aged between 12 to 71.
One was detected from quarantine facility at Thimphu.
Nine are close contacts of the 25-year-old female detected yesterday.
11 are from the community testing in Thimphu
The health officials collected samples from the 17 people who had come from Thimphu. The samples are sent to Dewathang for RT-PCR test as of 12 noon today.
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Trongsa Covid-19 Task Force places communities (Eusa, Bubja, TashiDenka, and Taktse) under strict surveillance until further notice as primary contacts of the 25-year-old woman, who visited the communities, test positive.
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